Ár Scéalta Sraith 2


The adventures of Colm and his dog Oscar continue in the engaging series Ár Scéalta Sraith 2 (Our Stories Series 2). Written in Irish Gaelic these small multicoloured books provide an ideal and amusing read for children between 4 and 7 years of age. There are 10 books in this series. 

Coinín Cásca
Where is Úna´s Easter egg? Can Oscar answer that question? Dorchadas Oscar does not want to go to the shop with Colm. The family cannot change his mind. Why?

Lá Fhéile Pádraig
Oscar goes to the town to celebrate St. Patrick's Day. On his way, he realizes how much Ireland has changed.He is delighted that he now has lots of new friends.

Gearradh Gruaige
Colm and Oscar want haircuts.They visit the barbershop and tell them the style they want. The barbers do their own thing, however. Will the twosome enjoy the results?

Maith an Madra!
Úna has a loose tooth which is making her grumpy. How will she make the tooth fall out? And when she does lose the tooth, why is she so happy.

Oscar ag Obair
Oscar is late for work! Follow him through town and discover what his job is!

Oscar agus an Sliotar
Oscar attends Una´s camogie match. He spoils the game by grabbing the sliotar and refusing to part with it. He scores a goal, but why does that leave Úna unhappy?

Oscar ar Oileán
Oscar faces his first sea journey. When the boat reaches island, Oscar finds another way of life that sets his imagination dancing!

Oscar is very thirsty. But he can´t find a drop of water no matter where he looks! But then he finds a clever solution!

Colm and Oscar have to go to the shop, but Oscar doesn’t want to. The family try to pull and push him to. It transpires that Oscar has a bit of a phobia about the dark!

Peata Nua
Colm wants a new pet for his birthday. Oscar imagines the various pets that would terrify him if Colm received one of them. Will they solve the problem?

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