Ár Scéalta Series 1


Follow the adventures of Colm and his dog Oscar in the engaging series Ár Scéalta (Our Stories). Written in Irish Gaelic these small multicoloured books provide an ideal and amusing read for children between 4 and 7 years of age. There are 10 books in this series.  Published in conjunction with Coiscéim.

An Carnabhal
Oscar is delighted when the carnival comes to town. But then he sees himself in the magic mirror. Does the Oscar he sees there happy or shocked?

Cá bhfuil Oscar?
Colm is searching the house for Oscar. Sometimes he comes very close to him. Yet he cannot see Oscar. Why?

Cluiche Cliste
Úna and Oscar are playing a game. Una plays well but Oscar is even better. Why?

Colm ag Eitilt
Colm is carried up into the air by a red balloon! How will the journey end?

Cú Choilm
Who's the best dog in the show? Colm and Oscar know very well!

Déan Deifir
Colm going to school. But he is late. Can Oscar and an anxious clock hurry him up?

Eagla Oscair
Halloween scares Oscar. Not surprisingly! Because he sees ghosts, witches, pirates and, then—an even worse sight!

Ocras Oscair
Oscar is ravenous. While family is eating dinner, Oscar lurks under the table. Taking pity on him, they feed him with tidbits. But, even then, he is far from being satisfied.

Oscar Poscar
It is Oscar´s first Christmas and he himself is a gift! But who is going to receive him?

Pianta Pianmhara
Oscar is reluctant to go to the park with Colm. Racaí, a nasty dog that he dislikes
also wants to go there with Colm. Oscar make all kinds of excuses. But Colm believe them?

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